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Re: How to enable poweroff in D-LINK DSM-G600

Yes, it works fine for me.
Every "power off"command works (shutdown -p,halt -p and so on) , also pressing the power button for N seconds turns my unit off.
After doing this "via software" power off, I'm able to turn on the box using the power button.
Also, issuing (root user):

echo "ZWC" > /dev/satmgr

immediatly turns off the unit, giving me a wonderfull root file system check at first restart...

Yes, I can try to add the old "SYN\nSYN\n ", but I think that in my unit this statement will never be executed. :)

Quite strange that doesn't work in your box. Different microcontrollers?
I have done the test that you requested, but (obviously), the statement that sends "SYN\nSYN\n" in my box hasn't been executed.
2013/2/19 Frank Wille <frank%phoenix.owl.de@localhost>
On Thu, 14 Feb 2013 23:31:45 +0100
Charles Brown <obigiankenobi%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:

> dpwroff(struct satmgr_softc *sc)
> {
>     send_sat(sc, "ZWC\n");
> }
> In my dsm-g600, this permits the power off of the unit via software.

Does it really work for you? I knew about the command, but on my DSM-G600
it didn't do anything.

Maybe we have different revisions (I remember that you also had a
different acardide(4) revision) of the PIC, or the PIC-software?

Does "ZWC" switch off immediately?

Can you test the following modification, which is intended to work
with both revisions? 

static void
dpwroff(struct satmgr_softc *sc)

        send_sat(sc, "ZWC\n");

         * When this line is reached, then this board revision doesn't
         * support hardware-shutdown, so we flash the power LED
         * to indicate that the device can be switched off.
        send_sat(sc, "SYN\nSYN\n");

        /* drops into default power-off handling (looping forever) */

Frank Wille

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