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Re: Some issue in dsm-g600 using netbsd 6.0 release

2012/12/4 Frank Wille <frank%phoenix.owl.de@localhost>:
>> If I obtain the address via dhclient and I kill the daemon, everything
>> works fine.
>> It's the dhclient presence that leads to panic.
> Very strange indeed. I cannot imagine what is happening there.

Further poking stge(4), my impression when looking at this driver
(if_stge.c) is that it is not in the shape it could be. Also its
manpage seems to be outdated.
"ST1023 only works in promiscuous mode": Could this interfere/provoke
the panic especially with dhclient?

Apart from that, stge(4) was ported from NetBSD to FreeBSD some time
ago, and during this process it seems that "several" bugs were fixed
(including this promiscuous mode thing):

OpenBSD also ported stge(4) from NetBSD. There could be notable
differences, too.

Wouldn't it be worth re-importing their modifications, now that
/sandpoint supports "mass produced" models using stge(4)?


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