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Re: Some issue in dsm-g600 using netbsd 6.0 release

2012/12/4 Frank Wille <frank%phoenix.owl.de@localhost>:
>> If I obtain the address via dhclient and I kill the daemon, everything
>> works fine.
>> It's the dhclient presence that leads to panic.
> Very strange indeed. I cannot imagine what is happening there.

Maybe stge(4) itself?
What happens when dhcpcd is used instead of dhclient (like
ifconfig_stge0="dhcp" in rc.conf)?

> But maybe you want to wait for a confirmation first. It would also be
> interesting if any other platforms are affected (other sandpoint NAS,
> or even other ports).

I also compiled samba from pkgsrc last night on my SBLAN2 (with
re(4)). I had dhclient in use shortly after installation, and also
dhcpcd, but static IP address for a while now. No "options FULL" used
so far. No problems whatsoever.
Will try out a "persistent" dhclient again today with some hard network traffic.
If it's relevant (regarding the "other ports" question), I use dhcpcd
and dhclient in many i386/amd64 virtual machines with 6.0, quite some
traffic, and never had any issues. Would be interesting to hear about
stge(4) on other platforms like i386, but I think it is quite rare,
even on PCI cards. /sandpoint users might come across them most
frequently now.


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