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All supported NAS models for 6.0


This is an annoncement that NetBSD/sandpoint is preparing
the broader support of various PPC NAS box in the forthcoming
6.0 release.  PLS take a refer to a message from Frank Wille,
a person who made hard works to add NAS supports;


Note that the previous releases of NetBSD/sandpoint, including
5.1.2, do not work for any NAS.

Early 6.0 adaptors can fetch 6.0_BETA installation set from;

Frank and I have been trying to iron out possible compatibility
issues so far, however, there are so many PPC NAS products
were deployed in market and we are not able to obtain all models
tat hand to run-and-test NB6.0.  We hope to receive reports of
installation results, good or bad, to improve the NetBSD/sandpoint
formal release quality.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology, a portmaster of NB/sandpont.

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