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NAS support ready for upcoming releases


Support for 824x based consumer NAS systems is now ready for the 6.0

Besides MD kernel sources and drivers the following areas have been
updated now:

- New bootloader altboot (installed as /usr/mdec/altboot.bin).
  Can load a kernel from local disk, TFTP or NFS.

- Install script uses appropriate settings and devices for all supported
  NAS systems.

- New installation notes for NAS. Evaluation board notes were removed.

- The Sandpoint port home page was updated to reflect our new focus on
  NAS: http://www.NetBSD.org/ports/sandpoint/

- There are already detailed preparation instructions for Synology boxes,
  and how to build a TTL-RS232 level shifter to access the serial console:
  More models will hopefully follow soon.

Tested by the developers themselves and guaranteed to work are:
- KuroBox classic
- Synology DS-101g+

Many others will most likely work too. So please tell us about your
experience with NetBSD/sandpoint on other NAS boxes. Either here on this
mailing list, or mail me (phx@) or Toru Nishimura (nisimura@) directly.

I'm having a lot of fun with my small 16W NetBSD PPC server! :)

Frank Wille

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