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disk and filesystem feature

Here is the summary of disk and filesystem feature.

- WAPBL journalled filesystem
no fsck necessary on abrupt system down.  Log record will
get replayed at once on next system boot to protect filesystem

- WAPBL is an extension of standard BSD ffs.
dump(8) was modified to work with WAPBL ffs to maintain
filesystem managment compatibilty.

- online fsck with filesystem snapshot
fsck(8) has an ability to run fsck on "hot" filesystem
by taking a filesystem snapshot.

- online dump with filesystem snapshot
dump(8) is able to take snapshot before starting much time
consuming filesystem dump operation. Good to have consistent
dump images for daily operations.

In addtion to the advantage over traditional UNIX as mentioned
above, available features are like;

- disk encryption with cgd(4) and vnd(4)
It's simple and possible to have encrypted store as files.  Imagine all
of user home directory storage are provided as files belong to each
user and  their contents encrypted all the time.  Encrypted files can
easily be replicated and migrated hopping over NAS cloud.  Go and
travel with your data all encrypted on USB memory stick.

- rich set of USB device to add funcy functions.
You can get cooled down with USB controlled air conditioning fan.
You can monitor room temparature and barometrics. Add any exotic
features by plugging USB devices.

- simple and consistent installation kit
the virtue of conservativeness.

- pkgsrc to facilitate open source
easy and useful as apt-get.
Bottom line is, NetBSD/sandpoint would become another model case
of NetBSD telling how good fit for daily use.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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