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7.1 on a IBM 43P, 7248-132

I'm trying to get NetBSD 7.1 working on a 7248-132 but cannot get the
computer to boot from the SCSI disk after installation. Booting the
install kernel over the network seems to work with BOOTP/TFTP. After
completing the installation process and restarting the machine, I load
into the SMS and change the boot priority to boot from the SCSI disk
instead of the network. Upon restarting and completing the boot screen,
the computer ends up at a black screen and blinking cursor.
I believe this issue may be related to this thread:

This is my first time installing NetBSD so it could also be something I'm

I've tried re-writing the generic kernel to the prep partition with
"mkbootimage" but that did not seem to work.
Any help would be appreciated.

One other thing I've noticed with this machine is interactions with the
pcn0 device seem to occasionally lockup the machine. I originally was
going to install the NetBSD binary packages from a NFS mount, but the
system would lockup halfway through the installation of the second
package. I bypassed this issue by using the CDROM instead.

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