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Re: New powerpc binary packages

> Håvard, thanks for continuing to support this arch.
> If you had a write up of your set up and build project, I'd be keen to
> read that!

I don't have it already, but can briefly describe it.

It's not exactly very special; I'm lazy (but patient, as you'll
see) and therefore try not to deviate too far from the defaults
whenever I can.

I'm using G4 Mac Minis as build hosts.  These are the 1.5GHz
models, equipped with 1GB memory (the maximum for that hardware).
I've also upgraded their disks with mSATA modules in mSATA-to-
44pin-IDE enclosures ("eBay to the rescue").  This does wonders for
I/O performance compared to using 2.5-inch 44-pin IDE spinning
drives, and probably also reduces heat dissipation somewhat.

Secondly, I've set up chroots on these ("real" chroots, no null
mounts or anything fancy like that), and use pbulk to run the
bulk builds, with a few limiting settings in pbulk.conf:

# Put some limits on time consumption (and others...)
ulimit -t -S 7200
ulimit -t -H 41000
ulimit -v 2048000
ulimit -n 512

I've added the following settings to /etc/sysctl.conf to reduce real
memory pressure and reduce the chances of the build host wedging,
which would otherwise happen a bit too often:

# Try to reduce memory pressure somewhat

Also, as long as the base OS remains the same, I keep the build
results (packages) from one pkgsrc branch to the next or from one
round to the next, and after updating pkgsrc I remove the distfiles
and binary packages listed by "lintpkgsrc -o" or "lintpkgsrc -p", and
otherwise let the pbulk dependency logic decide if a package needs to
be re-built or not.  Still, each build round takes considerable time,
as evidenced by the pkgsrc-bulk reports I've posted, e.g. the 10.0
build (which was from scratch) took

Build start: 2022-10-30 13:05
Build end:   2023-01-03 02:07

while the latest 8.0 re-build going from 2022Q3 to pkgsrc-current
as of the starting point used

Build start: 2022-11-23 12:38
Build end:   2023-01-10 07:54

So patience as well as a stable environment (power, network, ...)
are important ingredients as well.

I also have a separate 2x1.25GHz "Mirrored Drive Doors" Power
Macintosh system with 2GB memory that I use for "build bug
fixing" (it also pretends to run 10.0), as I inspect the various
build errors pbulk leaves behind in its bulklog/ directory as the
build progresses.

I have plans for a faster build host, but more about that when I
actually have it up and running (waiting on parts at the moment).

Best regards,

- Håvard

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