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New powerpc binary packages


my small build farm of macppc hosts has recently finished a new
round of pkgsrc bulk builds.  The results are:

39G+   8.0  2022Q4 (actually, will be once re-built, more below)
44G    9.0  2022Q3
42G   10.0  2022Q3 (see below)

The packages for 9.0 and what will become 10.0 are available now,
the set for 8.0 will be shortly once my upload finishes and I can
reshuffle the directory names.

The 8.0 packages were built from pkgsrc-current at the time of
the start of the build, 23rd of november last year, and I will do
an update to pksrc-2022Q4 proper and do a re-build of that when
the current upload finishes.  A round (even a "re-build") takes a
fair amount of time on these systems.

The 10.0 packages were built on a host which ran NetBSD-current
at the time when the build started (30th of october last year),
but was tweaked to pretend to run 10.0 proper.  This should make
it fairly straight-forward to use these packages on 10.0_BETA and
eventually 10.0 proper when that's released.

The pkg repositories are


and will soon be


(or http:// if you must -- I seem to recall that some versions of
pkgin can't do https...)

Subsequently, shortly, the binary packages built for

8.0 2021Q3
9.0 2021Q3
9.0 2021Q4

will be removed to release disk space on our ftp server.

Pointers to detailed bulk build results/failures have been posted
to pkgsrc-bulk%NetBSD.org@localhost.

Best regards,

- Håvard

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