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Re: AmigaOne X5000

Al Zick wrote:

> I think I may have found someone who would be willing to donate a  
> motherboard to a developer who can port NetBSD to it.

I have been offered boards in the past to port NetBSD onto it (also a Sam440
or 460, IIRC), but I never accept that, because it would always cause
pressure on me to work on it. I want to work on a port for fun, and stop
whenever I feel like it.

>> So I am most interested in the new PPC notebook from ACube Systems,  
>> [...]
> I would really like to get one of these too. My G3 powerbook with the  
> G4 (550 MHz) upgrade is really showing its age.

Same with my PowerBook G3 Pismo (which I always used for travelling).

> What can be done to get things started?
> Since we already have support for the e500 I would be interested in  
> trying to boot a kernel to see how far it gets.

On the X5000, I assume? Out of my head I am not sure about the differences
between e500mc and e500 cores.

> Which kernel would  
> you suggest? Is there any hope of it booting, but only using one core?

You can always try. First you have to determine which kind of firmware the
system is running to boot kernels. Maybe some version of UBoot?

For a start, I would try an evbppc kernel supporting e500, like P2020 or
RB800. But I cannot give you a good advice here, because I never used
evbppc myself. I'm more used to sandpoint, ofppc and macppc...

Frank Wille

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