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Re: AmigaOne X5000

Al Zick wrote:

> The AmigaOne X5000 is out! In fact, I have one. It seems fast, but  
> AmigaOS doesn't give it much of a work out.
> [...] The author of this article believe like me that  
> NetBSD needs to be ported to the new PowerPC system. There must be  
> someone who can port to this system.

Amiga/68k is probably the wrong mailing list, so I added port-powerpc.

The X5000 has a P5020, which is BookE e500mc. AFAIK we already support e500,
so it might be not too difficult to add. The situation here looks a bit
better than with the SAM 440/460, which are still lacking 440-support in
NetBSD (not mentioning the AmigaOne X1000 with its strange PA-Semi CPU).

Then there is also the Tabor A1222 with P1022 CPU (as I understand this is a
plain e500 core, which is already supported), which is about to appear.

I might be interested in working on a port, but I would need to buy any of
the new hardware models first, which is most difficult because of space
problems. ;)

So I am most interested in the new PPC notebook from ACube Systems, which
may be using a T2080 CPU (e6500 core).

Frank Wille

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