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Re: Firefox became unstable with 5.2 - caused by PR #44387

> I am really not the one and only person left, that tries to use
> NetBSD as a gerneral purpose desktop operating system on
> non-i386/amd64 hardware. ;-)

You are not.  All three of my routine-use desktops are NetBSD/sparc
running on SS20s.

Of course, my idea of "desktop" is very very different from what the
penguin hordes seem to mean by the term these days. :/  Perhaps I could
put it this way: I don't run a "desktop environment"; I run an X server
and a bunch of clients.

Not that that's directly related to macppc or powerpc in general,
admittedly.  But, if I were to find a Mac keyboard I like as much as I
do my Sun type-3s, and were to pick up something like a G3, I could
very well end up with a macppc desktop.

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