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Re: Firefox became unstable with 5.2 - caused by PR #44387

Frank Wille wrote:

> Thanks for the confirmation. So it is likely that the same evil patch
> which made it into 6.0 (and appeared around 5.99.52) was pulled up into
> 5.2.
> [...]
> When I had a lot of free time, I would try out all changes between
> 5.1.2 and 5.2 until I got the problem. ;)

I have to correct myself:

NetBSD 5.1.2 has the same problem, as long as a kernel without
  options FULL
  options DIAGNOSTIC
  options LOCKDEBUG
is used. My kernel had "options FULL", which is known to fix issue PR
#44387. And a 5.2 kernel with FULL works too.

What we see is the infamous pthread-mutex bug, which leaves a thread in
"parked" state forever.

Everybody who has the same problem: please put "options FULL" into your
kernel config file and make a new kernel. It will fix these problems with
Firefox (and other programs).

We still have to fix #44387, though...

Frank Wille

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