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PPC test runs

I've begun regularly running the ATF test suite on a system with NetBSD/macppc on it, to try to help broaden the availability of test results to non-x86 platforms. I have the testing almost-entirely-but-not-quite automated, and my goal is to test against every build that comes out of the releng build cluster.

You can see the results page here:


(Linked from the main releng test results page here:
http://releng.netbsd.org/test-results.html )

I'm still working through various issues; like the fact that the module loading tests crash the testing machine, so I currently have to run as an unprivileged user so they don't get run.

There are a number of failing tests, but pooka@ has suggested that the failures in the pthread mutex tests might be the underlying cause. To that end, I'd like to see someone else's test results on another powerpc machine.

Can someone who's running -current (from late December or later) on a powerpc machine (macppc or otherwise) run the test suite, and send me the resulting xml file? You can either run the full suite (in /usr/tests) or just the libpthread tests (in /usr/tests/lib/libpthread), though it might be nice to get full results. Run it thus:

cd /usr/tests
atf-run | atf-report -o xml:/path/to/resultsfile.xml -o ticker:-

...and send me the "resultsfile.xml". You can leave off "-o ticker:-" if you don't want to see the results as they're happening. (Heck, if you've got any idea about the underlying problem, that would be nice, too!)



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