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Re: Problems with NetBSD 5.0.x stable evbppc/ev64260

Bob Lee <glee%force10networks.com@localhost> asked;

We have a board that is based on the ev64260 evaluation board. We have a working port for our board on NetBSD4. However, trying to move forward to NetBSD5, I ran into some problems that had no apparent solution in the ev64260 sources.


2) IPL_SERIAL is now equal to IPL_HIGH, and as such when I attempted to add a serial console (on board 16550a), arch/powerpc/marvell/extinter.c would not establish the interrupt as it was equal to IPL_HIGH (set in sys/intr.h -- so I wasn't comfortable just modifying that... so I modified extinter.c).

NetBSD/powerpc had a major interrupt scheme rework around 2007 of post-NB4 era.
Commit log says;

date: 2007/10/17 19:56:40;  author: garbled;  state: Exp;  lines: +125 -0
branches:  1.2.2;  1.2.4;  1.2.6;  1.2.8;
Merge the ppcoea-renovation branch to HEAD.

This branch was a major cleanup and rototill of many of the various OEA
cpu based PPC ports that focused on sharing as much code as possible
between the various ports to eliminate near-identical copies of files in
every tree.  Additionally there is a new PIC system that unifies the
interface to interrupt code for all different OEA ppc arches.  The work
for this branch was done by a variety of people, too long to list here.

bebox still needs work to complete the transition to -renovation.
ofppc still needs a bunch of work, which I will be looking at.
ev64260 still needs to be renovated
amigappc was not attempted.

pmppc was removed as an arch, and moved to a evbppc target.

The new interrupt framework named 'pic' eliminates the need of
extintr() (witch) craft.  I'm afraid that rework effort takes sizeable
amount of development time, however, the renovation result would be
satisfying since pic makes possible to have a structured closure of
HW interrupt and its handling per target HW.  Code examples can bee
seen in the followings;

and various powerpc ports.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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