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Problems with NetBSD 5.0.x stable evbppc/ev64260

        We have a board that is based on the ev64260 evaluation board.  We have 
a working port for our board on NetBSD4.  However, trying to move forward to 
NetBSD5, I ran into some problems that had no apparent solution in the ev64260 

        1) clock setup -- I had to directly initialize ticks_per_sec and 
        2) IPL_SERIAL is now equal to IPL_HIGH, and as such when I attempted to 
add a serial console (on board 16550a), arch/powerpc/marvell/extinter.c would 
not establish the interrupt as it was equal to IPL_HIGH (set in sys/intr.h -- 
so I wasn't comfortable just modifying that... so I modified extinter.c).
        3) I've hacked my way around these two issues, but now, init processes 
/.profile, and will print 1 fifo's worth of output.  Can't break into ddb with 
a break, and the shell gets no input.
        So, I looked at current, and it has moved quite a bit (all good looking 
changes, but probably a bit much for us to take at this point).  Is the board 
port working for NetBSD5?  And any ideas of what I've missed (including proper 
answers to my hacks above).

- bob

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