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Re: 601s and Open Firmware

>> Burning my own ISO9660 CD of -current was successful.  I was able to
>> "boot scsi/sd@3:0,\OFWBOOT.XCF;1 NETBSD.MACPPC" and it loads the
>> bootloader, prints the "no default partition" message and then dies
>> with "DEFAULT CATCH! code=FFF00300".
> So, no kernel output at all? That's bad.


I set CPUFLAGS+="-mcpu=601" and built a release from scratch in an attempt
to avoid any instructions that might not exist on the 601, but to no
avail.  I also turned on -DDEBUG for ofwboot with a similar lack of
success.  The same error happened at the same point.  Pointers to some
good places to put printf() in ofwboot would be appreciated.

>> What debugging output can/should I turn on that will be of use on
>> the 7200?
> Do you have
> options PPC_OEA601
> in your kernel config?

Yes, as Marco suggested I did that when I rebuilt the world for a 601, but
I'm pretty sure that ofwboot isn't getting as far as trying to boot a

> Btw. you can easily netboot pretty much any PCI mac with an onboard NIC.

I have considered this.  At the moment the 7200 and the 9500 are at a
storage facility that provides a work space but no internet connectivity. 
I may bring the 7200 home with me tomorrow so as to avoid wasting any more
CD-Rs :-)

-Henry Bent

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