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Re: X server support?

On 10-Sep-2008 Michael Lorenz wrote:
> Basically - look at genfb_pci.c, grep it for PCI_MAGIC_IO_RANGE, pick  
> an offset that's safe on your hardware ( it may or may not correspond  
> to the real bus address of the PCI IO space but X and genfb need to  
> agree about it and no PCI BARs should EVER be mapped there ). Put
>#define PCI_MAGIC_IO_RANGE 0xwhatever
> into param.h and rebuild both X and the kernel.
> If 0xf2000000 is safe just use it and you can use macppc's binaries.

Will this trick only work with genfb, or is it a general support mechanisim?

Either way, I believe 0xf2000000 will work.

Tim Rightnour <root%garbled.net@localhost>
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