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Re: PowerPC TODO list

root%garbled.net@localhost wrote:
> On 25-Apr-2008 rjs%fdy2.demon.co.uk@localhost wrote:
> > The same happens on ibmnws which uses the same chip.
> > 
> > Linux on the ibmnws pokes some magic numbers into the DMA controller.
> Which driver is that, or what file is that located in?  I'm having troubl=
> e
> finding that in the linux source tree mess.

In arch/ppc/platforms/prep_pci.c from the patched 2.4.21-ns1000 tree.

I have run kernels built from this tree and sound does work.

#ifdef CONFIG_NS1000
static void __init isa_init_dma(void)
        printk("Initializing ISA DMA controller\n");

        outb(0xff, 0x0d);       /* dma1 master clear */
        outb(0xff, 0xda);       /* dma2 master clear */

        outb(0x40, 0x0b); 
        outb(0x41, 0x0b); 
        outb(0x42, 0x0b);
        outb(0x43, 0x0b); 

        outb(0xc0, 0xd6); 
        outb(0x41, 0xd6);
        outb(0x42, 0xd6);
        outb(0x43, 0xd6);

        outb(0, 0xd4);

        outb(0x10, 0x08);
        outb(0x10, 0xd0);

        outb(0x30, 0x40b);
        outb(0x31, 0x40b);
        outb(0x32, 0x40b);
        outb(0x33, 0x40b);
        outb(0x31, 0x4d6);
        outb(0x32, 0x4d6);
        outb(0x33, 0x4d6);

        request_region(0x000, 0x10, "dma1");
        request_region(0x0c0, 0x20, "dma2");
        request_region(0x080, 0x10, "dma low pages");
        request_region(0x480, 0x10, "dma high pages");

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