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Re: PowerPC TODO list

root%garbled.net@localhost wrote:
> On 25-Apr-2008 Michael Lorenz wrote:
> >> Audio support for IBM/RS6000 on ofppc.
> > 
> > Isn't that some off the shelf ISA thingie? At least in some machines?
> Sorta.  I'm playing with the one on prep right now, which is a CS4232.  I
> have the DAC working, and can play audio files, and they run the dma
> engine, and take the appropriate amount of time, but no sound at all.
> I suspect some thing in the various mutes, outputs, etc.

The same happens on ibmnws which uses the same chip.

Linux on the ibmnws pokes some magic numbers into the DMA controller.

Robert Swindells

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