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Re: PowerPC TODO list

On 25-Apr-2008 Michael Lorenz wrote:
>> Unify ofwboot more.  Share code better between macppc/ofppc.   
>> (maybe non-ppc
>> ports too)
> ... like sparc64. Not sure if it's possible to have a truly unified  
> ofwboot.

I highly suspect that it is not.  However, I think certain sections of the code
could be shared, or perhaps we could just provide all the files in one place,
and each port picks and chooses which are common, and supplies thier own for
the others?

>> Audio support for IBM/RS6000 on ofppc.
> Isn't that some off the shelf ISA thingie? At least in some machines?

Sorta.  I'm playing with the one on prep right now, which is a CS4232.  I have
the DAC working, and can play audio files, and they run the dma engine, and
take the appropriate amount of time, but no sound at all.  I suspect something
in the various mutes, outputs, etc.

>> Make ofctl work on ofppc.
> What's the problem here? It works fine on macppc, shark and sparc64.

Supposedly on the pegasos, it panics.  On the rs/6000, there are more serious
issues, as the rs6000 responds differently to certain commands, like nextprop,
and will loop over the properties again.  Basically, firmware wierdness.

Tim Rightnour <root%garbled.net@localhost>
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