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Re: deadlocks

Tim Rightnour wrote:

> On 05-Apr-2008 Michael Lorenz wrote:
>> So does anyone with or without SMP on powerpc see deadlocks since  
>> 4.99.55?
> Frank mentioned a few days ago he was getting deadlocks on Pegasos II.

Those deadlocks are definitely Pegasos-viaide related. The MorphOS team
confirmed that they had to implement a workaround for the problem.

It is easy to reproduce. Just read files from a disk at channel 1 and
another disk (or CDROM) at channel 2 at once. The system will lock up after
a few seconds.

Unfortunately the person I talked to couldn't remember the exact solution.
But it was something like acknowledging the channel 2 interrupt also in the
register set of channel 1...

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