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Re: About Kurobox

On 31-Mar-2008 Joel CARNAT wrote:
> I can try to apply the patches to -HEAD.
> The patches are here
> (http://www5.atwiki.jp/kuro-bsd/pages/4.html#id_a9f61c7e).
>> The right person to ask about sandpoint is Tohru Nishimura
>> (nisimura%netbsd.org@localhost) - he wrote the sandpoint-specific code and
>> actually made the port work properly again.

If you apply the patches to HEAD, and get them working, and then let someone
here or on port-sandpoint know you have done so, we will probably commit them.

> OK. The contact for kuro_avrd is unreachable (SMTP unknow user).
> And I can't find a unsername/email in the japanese wiki.
> So I couldn't ask why the patches weren't in -HEAD and what the official
> status of that box was.

Probably the patches weren't in HEAD because nobody ever told us they existed,
and never submitted them to us.  I've never heard of these patches.

Tim Rightnour <root%garbled.net@localhost>
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