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Re: About Kurobox

>> (http://www.tumfatig.net/dmesg/Kurobox/NetBSD%204.0_STABLE/dmesg.txt).
>> This seem to be a PowerPC based box, that's why I talk about it
>> here :-)
>> First, what makes it go under /sandpoint rather than /powerpc ?
> mach/powerpc contains cpu-specific code used by (more or less) all
> powerpc-based ports.
>> Are there only Mac based system under /powerpc ?
> There is nothing mac-specific in arch/powerpc.

OK, so I'm looking in the correct (hear not outdated) source zone :-)

>> Then, I had to apply externally provided patches onto the netbsd-4
>> source
>> tree. There seem to exist patches for -HEAD too but I didn't try them
>> (yet).
> We'd appreciate it if you could give -current a shot - we rewrote
> half of the powerpc-specific code ( like interrupt handling,
> bus_space, bus_dma, PCI support and so on ) and there was a hell of a
> lot of development in the rest of the kernel as well ( and userland,
> like threading for instance ).

I can try to apply the patches to -HEAD.
The patches are here

> The right person to ask about sandpoint is Tohru Nishimura
> (nisimura%netbsd.org@localhost) - he wrote the sandpoint-specific code and
> actually made the port work properly again.

OK. The contact for kuro_avrd is unreachable (SMTP unknow user).
And I can't find a unsername/email in the japanese wiki.
So I couldn't ask why the patches weren't in -HEAD and what the official
status of that box was.

>> What would make the patches go into the "official" source tree ?
> The first step is to actually show it to someone ;)

Do you want a photograph ? :-p


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