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Re: Problems with disks on port-ofppc

> I tihnk I see the problem - arch/powerpc/conf/majors.powerpc shows this:
> device-major    sd              char 13  block 4        sd
> so rsd* should be major number 13, not 15, which explains the errors  
> you get. No idea why that would happen though, must be a bug in the  
> script that populates /dev on mfs.

As far as I can see, init execs "sh /etc/MAKEDEV -MM init" (or
/etc/MAKEDEV if /dev/MAKEDEV doesn't exist, as would be the case
for the ramdisk images), and MAKEDEV is copied into the
installation ramdisk from ${DESTDIR}/dev/MAKEDEV during the build
as far as I can tell.

At least in my local build results, ofppc's MAKEDEV uses 13 for
the rsd device nodes, so I'm not sure how 15 got in there. The
etc/MAKEDEV.awk script appears to parse the various appropriate
majors.* files to pick up the correct values for the platform,
and judging by my local result it does this correctly.


- Håvard

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