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Re: Yellow Dog's Teron PX


> At 11:53 AM 3/10/2003, gabriel rosenkoetter wrote:
> >   http://www.terrasoftsolutions.com/products/boxer/teron_px.shtml
> >
> >Anybody tried booting on one of these?
> These are all rebadging of the same basic motherboard.  It's not difficult
> to port NetBSD to them (it'll require a new (but simple) port) but the
> price/peformance is just not worth it for me to invest in one.  Now they
> they's do a dual 1.2GHz 7455 with a Marvell DS64360 controller, I'd be
> interested.

The AmigaOne motherboards are very likely to become more popular, as they
appeal to a larger base of people, are selling well, and the price is
destined to go down (currently 500 quid for an 800 MHz G4). They already
have dual processor systems in the works, with plans for DDR and other
goodies in the near future.

If I had the money, I'd already be working on getting NetBSD running on
one of them:

Then again, the similarities may make a single tree usable on all of those
boards, perhaps even including the Pegasos:

I'll let everyone know when I get my AmigaOne. In the meanwhile, my 700
MHz 7455 in my PowerMac 9600 makes me quite happy...

John Klos
ZiaSpace Productions

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