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Re: Yellow Dog's Teron PX

Hey that's a great idea. I'm all for the cube we never got. And Keeping it BSD I'm all for. Does GNUstep compile under NetBSD? And is the PPC project advanced enough to give me a working version of XFree86?

 gabriel rosenkoetter <gr%eclipsed.net@localhost> wrote:


Anybody tried booting on one of these?

Sounds like we'd need some glue (they ship with PS/2 ports and such),
and they're not exactly "cheap" per se (around $600; don't see that
on the web site, a co-worker emailed them), but it'd maybe be a
good thing to support.

I want one in one of these:


It'd be the PowerPC NeXT cube we never got...

[Feel free to strip port-next68k out of replies; just thought some
there but not on the powerpc lists might find it amusing.]

gabriel rosenkoetter
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