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Re: Where to get NetBSD for PowerPC

On Fri, Mar 07, 2003 at 10:09:54AM +0530, YOGI wrote:
>    Please help me to get NetBSD Source for PowerPC. All NetBSD i am finding
> www.netBSD.org is specific for some boards(like NetBSD/amigappc,
> NetBSD/evbppc, NetBSD/macppc, NetBSD/mvmeppc, NetBSD/ofppc, NetBSD/pmppc,
> NetBSD/prep etc).
>    Is it that, i have to take one of the above & port/change it to my
> requirements? Please reply. Any direct link will be very helpfull.

Yes.  For your own use, you can create a new arch/wipro or whatever and
model it on one of the others.  You can also use the arch/evbppc as a
model and put your port under arch/evbppc/wipro or whatever.  In any
case, you can share a lot of code from arch/powerpc (and elsewhere).

If your powerpc design is similar to one that's already supported, then
you should probably just use arch/evbppc/*.


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