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mailer glitch

Hi folks...

There appears to have been a mailer glitch on mail.netbsd.org.  It appears
to have affected only port-powerpc.  I believe I've corrected the problem
now, but it appears as if the last 3 messages sent to port-powerpc
did not make it to the list.  Those messages are:

Message-Id: <v01510103aeacb5c8f745@[]>
From: johanc%fusion.kth.se@localhost (Johan Carlsson)
Subject: NetBSD for A/BOX?

From: Jason Thorpe <thorpej%NetBSD.ORG@localhost>
Subject: ksrc-powerpc sup collection

Message-Id: <199611131501.QAA27283%kurt.tools.de@localhost>
From: ws%kurt.tools.de@localhost (Wolfgang Solfrank)
Subject: Re: executable formats in port-powerpc

They are available in the mail archives on ftp.NetBSD.ORG and at

Please acknowledge this message so that I can confirm that the problem
is indeed fixed.

Thanks for your patience, and sorry for any inconvenience.

Jason R. Thorpe
NetBSD Core Group

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