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Re: Status of compiler (etc.) for NetBSD/PowerPC?

> To follow up a question I asked earlier.  Does the NetBSD/PowerPC port
> have (or need) a freely available cross compiler?

Well, it does, I used it to cross-develop the thing on SunOS and Solaris
boxen.  Basically, the compiler is a slightly modified gcc and
the reset of the development tools (as, ld etc.) are standard NetBSD tools
with appropriate extensions to handle PowerPC stuff.

I'll try to integrate most of the modifications/additions in userland stuff
soon.  However, the diffs to gcc are in an ugly state currently.  I could use
some help from someone on cleaning this up, especially someone knowledgable
in this gcc2netbsd script.
ws%TooLs.DE@localhost     (Wolfgang Solfrank, TooLs GmbH)       +49-228-985800

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