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Re: Multi-Processor support

On Wed, 23 Oct 1996 16:37:23 +0100 
 "Markus Illenseer" <markus%tiger.teuto.de@localhost> wrote:

 >  Oh, you have that book, too?  I can't remember where I got it, maybe from
 > the OFW "training" i had last year in Phoenix.

Yah ... I got the nice bound version... it has a cool looking cover :-)

 >  You can get the postscript version of the book here:
 >  ftp://ftp.austin.ibm.com/pub/technology/spec/
 >  (Valuable source!)

It's also available at technical book stores... I got mine at Computer
Literacy in San Jose, CA.  Powell's Technical Books in Portland, OR. should
have it, too, and I know they have on-line ordering.

 >  My understanding is:  OFW does all for us, and we don't have to care about
 > unless we want SMP?

That's basically the jist, yes.  The other CPUs won't pester you until you
wake them up.  I haven't yet read far enough into the book about delegating
interrupts (OpenPIC does this, I think) ... I'm flying to Seattle for
OSDI this weekend, so I'll read about the CHRP SMP stuff on the plane :-)

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