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Re: Multi-Processor support

Jason Thorpe wrote:
> To quote "PowerPC Microprocessor Common Hardware Reference Platform: A
> System Architecture", section 12.2.1 - SMP-Safe Boot:

 Oh, you have that book, too?  I can't remember where I got it, maybe from
the OFW "training" i had last year in Phoenix.

 This book explains the CHRP Architectures in detail and was published by
Motorola, IBM and Apple.

 I cite the book's first page for those among this group who might be

 "To order copies of this book, please contact the publisher or your Apple,
IBM, or Motorola contacts listed in 'Source for Documents'." 
(Ha, great! :-)

 The ISBN-Number is 1-55860-394-8.  "PowerPC Microprocessor Common Hardware
Reference Platform:  A System Architecture"

 You can get the postscript version of the book here:


 (Valuable source!)

> 3. One of the first things that the firmware 

 Note the "firmware" here.

> does is establish one of
> the processors as the `master'. The `master' is a single processor which
> continues with the rest of the booting process; all of the others are
> places in a `stopped state'.  A processor in this `stopped state' is out
> of the picture; it does nothing that affects the state of the system and
> will continue to be in that state until awakened by some outside force
> such as an inter-processor interrupt (IPI).

 My understanding is:  OFW does all for us, and we don't have to care about
unless we want SMP?

Markus Illenseer

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