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Re: Starting with port-pmax on DECstation 5000/133

ah, yeah.. until I moved and gave away almost all my computers, i still
had coax running through the whole house.. it was only the modern machines
that were the aberrant ones with twisted pair ethernet.. those aui adaptors, like so many other little things (scsi terminators, floppy disks and drives, etc etc etc) that used to be so plentiful as to be the
first thing to get tossed in a cleanup, are getting harder to find in
a lot of places. and when one does find them, it's a whole box of them and
folks tend to pitch them instead of save one or two. ah well, thats the
way of these old things.

Thanks for the warm replies :).

I'm waiting to receive an AUI-to-RJ45 adapter from ebay, in order to
have a network connection (I don't want to fiddle with BNC

Ari Constancio

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