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Re: Starting with port-pmax on DECstation 5000/133

On Tue, 29 Apr 2008, Ari Constancio wrote:


I'm a new user to NetBSD and, in addition to using i386 machines, I
have nearby in my workplace a forgotten and sad DECstation 5000/133
machine. I just turned it on, after a few years in the darkness, and
the Ultrix login prompt comes up (asking for a new OS :)).

If you care about what's on the machine now you can interrupt the PROM before the kernel loads, boot it into single user, and wipe the root password. Otherwise you can just have NetBSD wipe the disk, or neboot.

Is there still good support to this port on NetBSD?

Interest in these machines isn't nearly as high as it was a few years ago but they still work. I built -current a few months back, netbooted it on a /260 and compiled some things from pkgsrc, and everything seemed fine.

Henry Bent

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