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Re: Iso Image for 43P-150

On Tue, 4 Nov 2008, Jan Lentfer wrote:

Hi all,

I just bought a 43P-150 from ebay and naturally I want to install netbsd on it (It runs AIX 4.3 at the moment). I used to have a 43P-140 which ran port-prep a while ago, so I do have some experience with that. Also I have an Alpha PWS here that runs 4.0. From the archive I read that 4.0.2 is not the right choice for the 43P-150 but that I need current. Unfortunatley I can't find an ISO for ofppc-current. Could someone post a link where one is available?

Thanks a lot in advance

        There are daily builds of NetBSD current at

        Start from the latest directory checking for a iso/prepcd.iso,
        which is currently:


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