Subject: Attempt to boot ofppc on IBM CHRP machine failed
To: None <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: port-ofppc
Date: 10/16/1999 23:41:52
So I finally got ahold of a -current ofppc kernel, and ofwboot program,
wandered up to one of the big SP2 Silver nodes at work, and tried to netboot
it..  see the below:

0 > boot net 
BOOTP S = 1 
FILE: /tftpboot/ofwbootd
Load Addr=0x4000 Max Size=0xbfc000 
FINAL Packet Count = 121 

>> NetBSD/macppc OpenFirmware Boot, Revision 1.2
>> (wrstuden@waterdeep, Sat Oct 16 02:33:28 PDT 1999)
Using IP address:
root addr= path=/tftpboot
DEFAULT CATCH!, code=fff00700 at   %SRR0: 3c42523c   %SRR1: 00083000 
0 > 

I'm pretty sure it loaded a kernel.. it took significantly longer than my
attempts with the rp= fields and whatnot being hosed up.. without tcpdump on
the network, it's hard to tell..  but my best guess is that it did load the
kernel, and blew a gasket.

Note: this machine has 4 gigs of ram, would it blow up that quickly in the
process because of that?

Note2: IBM claims this is a totally CHRP compliant machine.  They could be

device tree:

0 > ls 
00c4fd60: /cpus
00c50a50:   /PowerPC,604@0
00c50f70:     /l2-cache
00c519b0:   /PowerPC,604@1
00c51ed0:     /l2-cache
00c522c8:   /PowerPC,604@2
00c527e8:     /l2-cache
00c52be0:   /PowerPC,604@3
00c53100:     /l2-cache
00c534f8: /reserved@ff100000
00c535c8: /event-sources
00c53630:   /epow-events
00c536c8: /chosen
00c53830: /memory@0
00c545e0:   /IBM,memory-module@0
00c54fa8:   /IBM,memory-module@1
00c55970:   /IBM,memory-module@4
00c56338:   /IBM,memory-module@5
00c56d00:   /IBM,memory-module@8
00c576c8:   /IBM,memory-module@9
00c58090:   /IBM,memory-module@c
00c58a58:   /IBM,memory-module@d
00c59420:   /IBM,memory-module@10
00c59de8:   /IBM,memory-module@11
00c5a7b0:   /IBM,memory-module@14
00c5b178:   /IBM,memory-module@15
00c5bb40:   /IBM,memory-module@18
00c5c508:   /IBM,memory-module@19
00c5ced0:   /IBM,memory-module@1c
00c5d898:   /IBM,memory-module@1d
00c5e260: /memory-controller@ff000000
00c5e400: /rom@fff00000
00c5ebc0: /openprom
00c63ad0: /options
00c64528: /aliases
00c65d60: /packages
00c65e08:   /deblocker
00c665d0:   /disk-label
00c69658:   /tape-label
00c698d8:   /obp-tftp
00c71290:   /mac-files
00c719a0:   /mac-parts
00c72100:   /prep-boot
00c72658:   /fat-files
00c74038:   /utilities
00c75db0:   /net
00c77538:   /iso-9660-files
00c782d0:   /boot-mgr
00c8b8c8:   /chrp-loader
00c8ba58:   /pe-loader
00c8c278:   /elf-loader
00c8e1c0:   /terminal-emulator
00ccd618:   /gui
00d4f748:   /post
00c8e258: /rtas
00c9a608: /pci@fef00000
00c9dac0:   /isa@b
00c9f480:     /reserved@i62
00c9f5c0:     /nvram@i74
00c9fc00:     /IBM,sp@ie8
00caf0e0:     /rtc@i70
00cb0520:     /serial@iv3f8
00cb1850:     /serial@iv2f8
00cb2b80:     /8042@i60
00cb4400:     /fdc@iv3f0
00cb7a40:     /timer@i40
00cb7f80:     /interrupt-controller@i20
00cb81b8:     /dma-controller@i0
00cb83f8:   /scsi@c
00cbcfb0:     /sd
00cbdf10:     /st
00cbf1f0:   /ethernet@10
00cc4b00:   /ethernet@e
00ccb338:   /interrupt-controller@11
0 > 

Tim Rightnour <>
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