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Re: rootfs goes full during installation of 5.0.1 on NWS-1460

2009/11/1 Izumi Tsutsui <tsutsui%ceres.dti.ne.jp@localhost>:

> Ah, no, the bootloader just calls the rom_read() function in firmware,
> and maybe it uses DMA for SCSI but not for floppy.

Interesting that the firmware itself fails to load the bootloader from
scsi, but the bootloader can use firmware calls to load the kernel
from scsi...

>> Hmm, theoretically it shouldn't be too difficult to have code on
>> attach read the first sector twice: once with DMA enabled and once
>> without, and then warn and disable DMA if they differ.
> Well, SCSI DMA on my NWS-1460 worked at least when news68k port
> was imported, so I'm afraid there might be some hardware malfunction
> which causes the DMA failure.

In this case I would agree that it looks like a hardware issue -
particularly given the issue loading the firmware, I was just thinking
about a general solution...

>> excellent stuff! Whats next? Playing with X on it
> We need wsdisplay support first (though we already have wskbd support ;-)
> I toasted a framebuffer chip when I was playing on CRTC
> on my NWS-1460 about nine years ago...


If there is a linear framebuffer then its *really* easy to write an
attach routine for genfb and away you go (I was helping gavan when he
added wsdisplay via genfb support to iyonix) - you literally just need
to know the address, width, height & bitdepth.

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