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Re: rootfs goes full during installation of 5.0.1 on NWS-1460

> So the NetBSD/news68k bootloader does not use DMA & works, but the
> firmware does use DMA and does not :/

Ah, no, the bootloader just calls the rom_read() function in firmware,
and maybe it uses DMA for SCSI but not for floppy.

> Hmm, theoretically it shouldn't be too difficult to have code on
> attach read the first sector twice: once with DMA enabled and once
> without, and then warn and disable DMA if they differ.

Well, SCSI DMA on my NWS-1460 worked at least when news68k port
was imported, so I'm afraid there might be some hardware malfunction
which causes the DMA failure.

> excellent stuff! Whats next? Playing with X on it

We need wsdisplay support first (though we already have wskbd support ;-)

I toasted a framebuffer chip when I was playing on CRTC
on my NWS-1460 about nine years ago...
Izumi Tsutsui

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