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Re: rootfs goes full during installation of 5.0.1 on NWS-1460

> To check your 1460, could you try the following items?
> - "tm" command on the firmware prompt
>   (it will take ~one hour)
>   ---
>   NEWS> tm
>   Testing data lines........
>   Testing address lines.........................
>   NEWS> 
>   ---
This test passed without problem on my machine, and it took about
2-3 hours.
> - check types of SIMMs (8 or 9 chip SIMMs are required)
> - remove some of SIMMs
SIMMs are of the type that you mentioned. I also tried installing
4-chip and 2-chip 1MB SIMMs from my Mac IIci but it didn't work indeed.
I removed some of the SIMMs, but the stack trace didn't change a bit.

> - boot the following disk image for your 1.2GB disk
> ftp://ftp.NetBSD.org/pub/NetBSD/misc/tsutsui/news68k/news68k-5.0.1.img.gz
Thank you for the disk image. I dd'ed the image, but the machine didn't boot.
To further investigate the problem, I made a small(8KB) test pattern image and
tested writing and reading it back from the harddrive.
The data that are read from the drive were all-0's or just pile of random bytes.

I replaced the cable and reseated all the chips that are mounted on socket, but
the situation didn't change. What is strange is that the controller identifies
the drive correctly, which means only DMA transfers are affected?

Anyways, thanks for your help! I'll keep the machine so I can repair it when I
feel like!

TOMARI, Hisanobu

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