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(though there be ignorant men of an othe

Meadow, about eight or nine dayes since. _Milk._ what Song was it,
I pray? was it, _Come

Shepherds deck your heads_:
or, _As at noon _Dulcina_ rested_:

or _Philida flouts me_? _Pisc._ No, it is none of those: it is
a Song that your daughter sung the first part, and you sung the answer
to it. _Milk._ O I know it now, I learn'd the first part in my golden
age, when I was about the age of my daughter; and the later part,
which indeed fits me best, but two or three years ago; you shal, God
willing, hear them both. Come _Maudlin_, sing the first part to the
Gentlemen with a merrie heart,
and Ile sing the second. The Milk maids Song. Come live with me, and
be my Love, And
we wil all the pleasures prove That vallies, Groves, or hils, or
Or woods and steepie mountains yeelds. Where we will sit upon the
_Rocks_, And see the Shepherds feed
our _flocks_, By shallow _Rivers_, to whose falls Mellodious birds
sing _madrigals_. And I wil make thee beds of _Roses_,

And then a thousand fragrant posies,
A cap of flowers and a Kirtle, Imbroidered all with leaves of Mirtle.
A Gown made of the finest

wool Which from our pretty Lambs we pull, Slippers lin'd choicely for

the cold, With buckles of the purest

gold. A belt of str

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