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Ith a red cloak, and a striped petticoat, and a poor pinched-up, old, squa

W it when you see it, or it's vulgar; mutton must be incog. too; beef
must have a mask on; any thin' that looks solid, take a spoon to; any
thin' that looks light, cut with a knife; if a thing looks like fish,
you may

take your oath it is flesh; and if it seems rael flesh, it's only
disguised, for it's sure to be fish; nothin' must be nateral,

natur is out of fashion here. This is a manufacturin' country,

is done by
machinery, and that that ain't must be made to look like it; and I
must say, the dinner machinery is parfect. "Sarvants keep goin' round
and round in a ring, slow, but sartain, and for ever, like the

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