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MIPS cleanup/rototill and support for mips32/mips64

[ Bcc'd to all mips ports ]

Hi folks,

I've committed the code that I was talking about last week that
add support for the mips32/mips64 architectures.  I've been able
to compile GENERIC kernels (or whatever is closest) for all ports
except playstation2 (where I didn't have the proper toolchain)
and been able to test on a couple of them (algor, pmax) on r3000,
r4000, r4400 and rm5200 CPUs.

If you have any problems at all that my changes have caused, please
send-pr and/or send mail to port-mips with the details.

Simon Burge                            <simonb%wasabisystems.com@localhost>
NetBSD CDs, Support and Service:    http://www.wasabisystems.com/

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