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Re: Newbie

On Mon, 30 Oct 2000 00:29:27 +1300 (NZDT), Wayne Knowles wrote:

>  Hi Collin,
>  Looking at the information that I have at hand on the Mips models I
>  see any reference for a RC3260.  A quick grep thru the include 

Hmm. It had a badge on the front saying RC3260. ANd I've spent all afternoon
looking up RC3260 stuff on the web (of which there is little) and it seems
to be a valid model number. It's an R3000 based machine. I don't know much
more than that. The teacher said that it is supposed to be able to run
Windows (NT I assume) and Unix (RISC/OS. once again assuming) 

>  RC3240 (Similar to M/120 machine)  R2000 16MHz
>  RC6260                             R6000 Mips II ECL CPU
>  RC3360                             R3000 33MHz / VME Bus

>  The machine should have been delivered with a technical reference manual
>  which will give you a detailed description on memory maps, programming
>  DMA, byte lane restrictions, interrupts etc.
>  If you can pick the machine up for a low cost along with the manual
>  you will have a fun project on your hands!!

I'll see what I can come up with. I have yet to get around the beaurocracy
of disposal yet. I'll let you know what haopens :)

Sorry about the format of the email. I'm stuck to excite email until I get a
real account happening (tomorrow hopefully)

Collin Baillie
treeman__%excite.com@localhost      TreeMan on OzOrg IRC Network

Say Bye to Slow Internet!

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