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Re: Newbie

On Sat, 28 Oct 2000, Collin Baillie wrote:

> Hello people,
> I'm looking at getting on 'old' server from a TAFE college in my town. They
> have a mips RC3260 sitting in their storage room. 

Hi Collin,

Looking at the information that I have at hand on the Mips models I cannot
see any reference for a RC3260.  A quick grep thru the include files
shipped with RISC/os doesn't produce any hits either.  The model isn't
mentioned in the OS install notes either so there is a chance the model
number isn't correct. 

The model naming conventions are rather inconsistent, but there is a
chance it could be one of the following:

RC3240 (Similar to M/120 machine)  R2000 16MHz
RC6260                             R6000 Mips II ECL CPU
RC3360                             R3000 33MHz / VME Bus

If it's the RC3360 then it will be similar to the RC3350 machine I plan
on starting a port for early next year.  Quite a bit of work is required
since it is VME Bus based.

I have the technical information on the M/120 and 3240 server but no

> I'm a 2nd year Computer Science undergrad student, and being involved in
> something like this is pretty damn appealing.

The machine should have been delivered with a technical reference manual
which will give you a detailed description on memory maps, programming
DMA, byte lane restrictions, interrupts etc.

If you can pick the machine up for a low cost along with the manual
you will have a fun project on your hands!!


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