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Re: Magnum hardware questions

Looks like the new list works - congratulations on being the first to test
it out!!

On 28 Aug 2000, Nathan J. Williams wrote:

> > I hooked up a serial cable and powered it up; the output I get is:
> > 
> > nvram: invalid checksum
> > tod clock being kickstarted!
> Okay, a little digging through the port-mips archives and I figured
> out that the real fun happens on serial port 1, and I was hooked up to
> serial port 0 (how utterly weird). 

I see from your other message you have figured out all the exciting stuff 
happens on Serial 1.

At some stage you will need to replace the MK48T02.  This can be a tricky
procedure.   The area used for the Ethernet MAC address etc is write
protected by hardware by default.  I have not found any way to overcome
this restriction so you will need to do a transplant in another machine.

The procedure for doing this on a sun can be found in the port-mips


I will transfer this to the FAQ section shortly.  There is also some more
info I wish to add.

> Anyway, I have it booting RiscOS, so it's in better condition than it
> first appeared. I guess I'll try firing up NetBSD on it soon.

If don't know what the root password is, the following procedure boots
RISC/os into single user:

  boot dksd()unix initarg=s


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