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NetBSD on Q-bus MIPS?

[ cC'ed to port-vax for Qbus/enlcousure questions.  Please reply via email, or a single mailiing list, where not of interest to the list membership(s)]

Recent removal of NetBSD FDDI drivers prompted me to look at FDDI support.  I just acquired a R4400 (decsystem 5900, and Q-bus boards for the 5400 (KN01) and 5500 (KN220).    The DEC "PDQ" interfaces are the fastest available for Turbochannel or Q-bus machines.  I bought a handful on eBay and I hope to revive the FDDI driver and make it MP-safe.
I started contemplating going down this route as a way to fuzz-test binaries (esp. Ultrix/mips  binaries).

It's 30 years since I last configured a Q-bus. I already have PDF copies of the Technical Reference Manual for the KN01 and the KN220 boards.    I'd appreciate any help or pointers or risks in configuring these systems in a BA123 "World Box'; or finding a BA213 enclosure with motherboard and the  dual-height slot outside the CPU slot, for the DSSI distribution "paddle board".

There is a KA660 cab kit for the BA123, which should work with the KN220 (excluding DSSI).
Does anyone have experience with that?

thanks in advance

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