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Re: CURLWP global register in NetBSD/mips

Matt Thomas said;

Here's a breakdown of a MALTA64 kernel of how often each register is used. I moved MIPS_CURLWP from s7 to t8 (23 to 24). It's curious as to why one of t1/t2 is never used.

It's the output of n32/n64 ABI which extends arg-on-register from 4 to to 8.
The result shows a4-a7 are frequently used indeed.  It might imply
functions prefer a0-a7 as temporary scratch registers than choosing t0-t3
for the same purpose.

It'd be interesting to make o32 profiling since a3-a7 are used to be
t0-t3 in o32 ABI.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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