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iMac 333 Display Questions

Hi all,

I just set up an old tray-loading grape iMac with 8.0 and it's running well so far.  I have some questions about the display, though.

How do I blank/turn off the display (machfb) from the console?  Right now the monitor is on 24/7 and I am concerned about screen burn-in.

How do I choose a different console resolution for machfb? I get "machfb0: initial resolution 640x480 at 8 bpp" when I boot, but it's not clear how I would go about selecting a different resolution.  Is this something I can change at runtime or would it only be a kernel option?  Ideally I'd like to use 1024x768x24, which I know the hardware is capable of.

Is it possible to adjust the screen position?  In OS 9 I know that this can be done in software.  I suppose I can boot into OS 9 and adjust it from there, but it would be convenient to be able to do it from NetBSD.

Thanks in advance for any assistance, and please copy me on any replies as I am not subscribed to the list.


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