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Re: Installing NetBSD on an iBook G4

Am 13.04.2017 um 17:49 schrieb Michael:

What you can do is this - write down the sizes and offsets of your
fdisk partitions and create matching partitions with disklabel - that's
really all mbrlabel does.

Valery and Michael,

thank you for your help!

I managed to partition the disk with fdisk using wd0 as the device. This seems to get redirected to wd0c, which represents the whole disk.

However, disklabel invariably refuses to write the label to disk, no matter if I place the MSDOS- or the NetBSD-partition in slot 0:

disklabel: ioctl DIOCWDINFO: Label magic number or checksum is wrong!
(disklabel or kernel is out of date?)
Label not written

I thought it might be related to the kernel not knowing about the new partitioning scheme, but rebooting after fdisk did not solve the problem, either.

Best regards,


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