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Re: NetBSD 6 improvements and time drift

Yes. My PowerPC NetBSD 6.0.4 system, running on a Mac Mini drifts
about the same as yours. ntpd can't deal with it, so I have cron run
ntpdate periodically. .... not pretty, but it works.

My NetBSD 5.2.1 system running on beige G3 system is rock solid, and
is now my local time server.

I don't have any x86 NetBSD systems on real HW. My x86 system, which is now
my production system, drifts, too, but it's running on a VM, so that's
a different kettle of fish.


>Hi, all,
>In the past I set up a PowerBook G4 and a Mac mini with NetBSD 6.x (from
>netbsd-6), only to have them crash often. Recently, though, I set up a Mac
>mini with the latest netbsd-6 and it only crashed once in the process of a
>complete pkgsrc bulk build (it is running in a hot room, so this isn't all
>that suprising). My impression is that something got fixed, and for this
>I'm happy.
>I did notice one quirk: time seems to drift on both machines on the order
>of about 11 or so seconds an hour. I'm not sure if this is because of
>NetBSD 6, or because of New World versus Old World, but I have a PowerMac
>9600 running netbsd-5 which is a stratum 1 time server which doesn't drift
>at all.
>Does anyone else have any drifting issues?
>John Klos
>My good blade carves the casques of men,
>My tough lance thrusteth sure,
>My strength is as the strength of ten
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